Freed to Catch Something

by a wandering wonderer


The title Freed to Catch Something has been chosen to  celebrate the freedom to catch important moment with our eyes, alone or with somebody 

Hi, my name is Frederic. I was born on May 31, 1991 in Amiens, France and I currently live in Tourcoing, the last town before Belgium in the North of France. 


I did all my schooling in Amiens, then moved to Beauvais to study geological engineering for five years. I then moved to Quebec to write my thesis. I was working on a new form of dinoflagellate cyst (microplankton) in Arctic marine sediments. There was a small link with geology, but this attraction to the earth sciences was fading more and more for internal reasons to the school. With my diploma in hand, the next day I took off to Quebec to pursue a second Master's degree, in oceanography. 


So I was going to continue my life in Quebec and finally leave France... Spoiler, my best years were spent there.


Nothing extraordinary happened during my adolescence. Sleepless nights, sneaking out, fooling around, thinking you're invincible with people you really like. I've never experienced that. I think I've missed a part of my life! In terms of social experience, I don't have much to say. I often stay with people who had incredible times with their childhood friends. They have stories to tell, memories to share. I listen to them and live their past experiences at the same time. I don't know, it's probably sad, but that's life, it's mine. From my side, I try to create moments to remember, and these moments are mainly travels. Most of the time I travel alone. There's an adventure aspect to it that I really enjoy, and I control all the activities I want to do. Only something is missing. It's the sharing, the talking, the laughter. That's why I want to create this website, which will illustrate the many trips I've made, alone, with my grandfather or in a group. 


Why did I choose A Wandering Wonderer? It's the idea of traveling and always being amazed by the beauty of a landscape, the kindness of a person or the delicious taste of a dish...


I see this website as a logbook in which I'll share visual highlights of my travels. I still have many to tell and illustrate, trips that have taken place both in France and abroad, and others that will arrive soon.


Photography is a real passion, but it also allows me to justify my solitude when traveling. The camera itself comforts me and makes me feel less judged. But would I be judged without the camera? Of course not. Once again, it's all in my head, and I know that, which is already a good thing...


I'm currently employed in a digital services company as an IT analyst. I'm a long way from the scientific field of geology or oceanography, which I really miss. I don't feel at ease in this corporate job, which doesn't suit me at all. There's the negative side but also the positive side of the comfort of the job. It's pretty hard to make a decision and leave everything behind... and leave where? and how?. This job as an analyst is there, and I accepted it because I didn't really have a choice. I try to find pleasant moments outside to feel alive and to make sense of it.


There's so much more I could say, but I'll leave it at that and write about these moments of discovery...